Could you travel more?

WayFare lets you spread the cost of flights into easy monthly payments before you fly. So you can see the world without spending the world.

How it works

Search any class on any route on any airline. Want no frills to Philly? You got it! Feeling business class to Bora Bora? Go on, treat yourself!

Only pay a fraction up front to book your tickets. Pay the rest in monthly instalments before you fly. Simple as that. Because paying for flights shouldn’t leave you eating instant ramen noodles ’til payday.

After your last payment your ticket is released and ready to book your next adventure. Your bucket list won’t even know what happened!

What's the catch?

Between chair-kicking toddlers, airport mazes, and questionable in-flight meals travelling is frustrating enough. We don’t make it worse with loads of small print.
Here’s what you need to know:

We don’t search your credit or affect your credit file in any way. Dealing with big purchases is hectic enough without stressing over your financial future. When you book through WayFare we pay for your flights and you just pay us back.

Think of us like a generous friend with a fat wallet.

WayFare adds a flat booking fee to your total cost. It will vary based on the cost of your flight and number of travellers but won’t substantially increase your monthly payment.

It will also generally be cheaper than carrying the balance on a credit card.

Life is great for throwing lemons to ruin your plans. If you think you won’t be able to pay or need to cancel a trip, let us know.  We have some cool tricks up our sleeves that can help you out and turn lemons to lemonade.

If it all goes sour, any money you’ve paid will go back to your WayFare account ready to pay for your next adventure.

We work best for long-haul and long distance flights. Your total price will need to be at least $200/£200/€200 (or equivalent for other currencies).

Travelling with your squad? Don’t worry! We’ve got some very nifty features planned 🤫 that will help make sure the whole gang’s on board and you won’t have to worry about the minimum cost.

Ready, Set,
Let's WayFare!

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